KERNTECHNIK features a comprehensive 2-day-program focusing on four main areas:

Nuclear Competence & Safety

Decommissioning & Waste Management

Interim Storage & Final Disposal


Conference higlights:

  1. Plenary session with outstanding speakers discussing technical, economic and social challenges
  2. Focus sessions with specialists from industry, research facilities and universities
  3. Industrial exhibition with representatives from the nuclear industry
  4. Young Scientists' Workshop
  5. Networking platform

Confirmed Speaker

Daniel Eckert

Daniel D. Eckert | Financial Correspondent "Die Welt"

Knowing history in order to better understand the present and foresee the future, is the guiding principle of journalist Daniel D. Eckert. The graduated historian (born 1970) writes as a financial and economic reporter for WELT and WELT AM SONNTAG.

He is a podcast host and author of the non-fiction bestsellers “Weltkrieg der Währungen” and “Alles Gold der Welt”. Eckert's specialty is monetary policy, in his writings he deals with the question: How are wealth created? And how can assets be preserved and protected in changeable times?


Dr. Guido Knott | Chairman of the Board of PreussenElektra GmbH

Dr. Guido Knott is responsible for the departments dismantling, regulation/fundamental issues, coordination and communication as well as energy management and law/compliance. Within the E.ON group he was Head of the Representative Office in Berlin, Member of the Management of E.ON Energie AG in Munich and CFO of E.ON Hanse AG in Quickborn. Before moving to PEL (formerly E.ON Kernkraft GmbH), he was Senior Vice President “Politics and Communication” at E.ON SE.

Dr. Guido Knott - PreussenElektra
Myrto Tripathi

Myrto Tripathi | President and founder of the NGO “Voices of Nuclear”

Myrto Tripathi is the president and founder of two NGOs, the most prominent one Voices of Nuclear and a newly founded RePlanet France/the Ecohumanistes. These initiatives of hers, among many others, aim at reconciling society with technologies and science, for the preservation of the environment and against climate change. She advocates for nuclear to be part of public policies at French and EU level, and successfully managed to encourage public speaking in favour of nuclear and change the tone of the debate.


 Jan Prásil | Head of the Department for Strategy, Research and International Cooperation in the Field of Nuclear Energy of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade

 Jan Prásil has been Director for Strategy, Research and International Cooperation in the Directorate for Nuclear Energy in the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade since 2021. From 2011-2021 he worked for the energy group CEZ in the areas of European energy legislation and EURATOM law. Previously he was a specialist for European energy and climate policy in the Czech government office. From 2004 to 2009 he studied political science at the LMU Munich.

Tomás Ehler I Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Czech Embassy in the Federal Republic of Germany
Peter Berben

Peter Berben | Head of Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management at ENGIE Corporate

Peter Berben has over 30 years of experience in national and international nuclear engineering and business development and holds today a management position at ENGIE Corporate, Nuclear Segment as Head of Radioactive Waste and Decommissioning. Peter is guest lecturer and mentor at the University Hasselt (B) and is member of advisory boards at EQUANS Specialized Nuclear Services, ‘MAGICS Instruments’ and ‘AiNT', Aachen Institute for Nuclear Training. He is member of the NEA expert group for robotics and remote systems in nuclear back-end. From 2016 into 2018, he was managing director of a German ENGIE affiliate for providing remote handling services and solutions for nuclear dismantling. Before that, he was deputy project manager Decommissioning Doel 1&2 NPP at ENGIE Electrabel.


Herbert Saurugg | President of the Austrian Society for Crisis Prevention (GfKV)

Herbert Saurugg is an international expert in blackout and crisis prevention. For many years he has been researching the increasing complexity and vulnerability of vital infrastructures and approaches to making the supply of essential goods more robust and has organized and conducted numerous process support and workshops to prepare for a possible blackout.

Herbert Saurugg
Dr. James Conca

Dr. James Conca | Trustee, Herbert M. Parker Foundation

Dr. James Conca is a Trustee of the Herbert M. Parker Foundation in the Tri-Cities, Washington and Senior Scientist for UFA Ventures, Inc. He has worked on nuclear and energy issues for 37 years at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Washington State University, New Mexico State University, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Conca has been an advisor to DOE, EPA, state and federal regulatory agencies, and industry. He worked on the Yucca Mt. Project for 25 years and on the WIPP project for 10 years.


Lukas Aebi | Managing Director Nuclear Forum Switzerland

Lukas Aebi was a project manager at economiesuisse and 
responsible for ​​public affairs at the association of `'Swiss cantonal banks' before taking over the management of the
Nuclear Forum Switzerland in 2019.

Lukas Aebi
Dr. Björn Peters

Dr. Björn Peters | Member of the Executive Board and Head of Energy Policy, Deutscher Arbeitgeber Verband e.V.

Dr. Björn Peters is a physicist and experienced power plant financier. He heads the research and consulting institute Peters Coll., which he founded, advises entrepreneurs and politicians, and is involved in the start-up Dual Fluid Energy Inc. On an honorary basis, he is a founding member of the Nuclear Pride Coalition and a member of the Federal Executive Board and Head of Energy Policy at the economically liberal think tank Deutscher Employers' Association (Deutscher Arbeitgeber Verband e.V.), where he is responsible for the energy policy column “The Energy Question”.


Dr. Jörg Aign | Managing Director of TÜV NORD EnSys GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Jörg Aign joined in 2017 as Head of International Projects at TÜV NORD and took over the role of Managing Director in 2019 of TÜV NORD EnSys. He is also a member of the management of the TÜV NORD Group Industry Service Division. With a clear focus on low-carbon energy technologies, his work ranges from renewable energies to energy infrastructure systems and nuclear technologies. In addition, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the Group-wide hydrogen program under the "HydroHub" brand.

Dr. Jörg Aign